Revealing the Mysteries of Masonic Barcelona

Lovers of enigmas, curious people and seekers of the occult, welcome to the most secret route through the Masonic Barcelona! If you thought you knew every corner of this city, get ready for a fascinating journey where we will reveal the mysteries of Masonic Barcelona that we have been collecting over time in our books. History&Legends Comedy Tours. We start masons... I mean engines!

The Gothic Quarter: The Cathedral of Barcelona, home of graffiti artists of the Masonic Barcelona

Going down Portal de l'Àngel, cradled by Plaça Nova is the majestic Cathedral of Barcelona great protagonist of our Gothic Quarter HL Comedy Tour. Here we are welcomed by deep symbology and curiosities that date back to past centuries. Entering the capilla of San Sebastián and Santa Tecla, we are surprised by a shield with a compass, a rose and two kites. This indisputable sign reveals the Masonic presence that has endured since the 16th century, when canon Joan Andreu Sorts financed the chapel, allowing the Mason stonemasons to leave their distinctive insignia.

The cathedral, beyond its imposing architecture, keeps union marks and symbols in its apse. These emblems, signatures left by the master builders, were key in the initiation rites where knowledge was transmitted between apprentices and masters. Imagine, apprentices and masters working their mysterious tricks between stones! Medieval graffiti artists!

The Gothic Quarter: El Pont del Bisbe, perfect for divorcees

Leaving Plaça Garriga i Bachs, starting point of our Gothic Quarter HL Comedy Tour Take Carrer del Bisbe downhill and passing the cloister of the Cathedral 20 meters away you will come face to face with the iconic Gothic bridge that connects the Palau de la Generalitat with the Canonges House. Since this first has been used as the official residence of the presidents of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in the past it served as a pedestrian connection for the president of the Generalitat, so that he could access from his place of work to his place of rest in a VIP passage and thus not mix with the populace. Just like the official black Mercedes cars that our politicians use today.

Today, the Pont del Bisbe It has become the most photographed element in the center of Barcelona, despite not being even a century old. This bridge, although built in 1928, has an intriguing Masonic symbology: a skull pierced by a dagger, surrounded by acacias. This image, the source of various local superstitions, represents the moment of initiatory death, when one frees himself from his bonds to achieve enlightenment. Those who have recently divorced will understand this better.

Revelando los Misterios de la Barcelona Masónica Pont del Bisbe Puente del Obispo Barcelona HL Comedy Tours
Skull pierced with a dagger of Masonic origin crossing in the center of the bridge.

The Gothic Quarter: House of the Masonic Barcelona and the Canonges

Going down Carrer del Bisbe, just to the left of the Palau de Generalitat and connected by the Pont del Bisbe you will find the Canonges House. This is the residence of the canons, but not the ones you put in the salad with the cherry tomato but the ecclesiastic provided with a canonry. Houses on his shield the masonic presence. The compass, the shooting stars and the rose tell us hidden stories. It is speculated that this house was a witness to rituals and well-kept secrets, reinforcing its relevance in the Masonic history of Barcelona. Do you know how many masons it takes to unscrew a light bulb? Shhh! It's a secret!

The Holy Family: The Gate of the Passion or 'Mason's'

Mano de Fátima o Hamsa Sagrada Familia Barcelona HL Comedy Tours
Hand of Fatima or Hamsa Sagrada Familia Barcelona HL Comedy Tours Web Blog Freemasons on Free Tours

In our Sagrada Familia HL Comedy Tour, peripheral and exterior tour of Gaudí's masterpiece, if you go with us you will realize that it is full of symbols linked to occult and Masonic traditions.

In the Nativity Facade, in the portal of Hope or Mary, right at the top you can glimpse the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, although it also alludes to Masonic symbology. This is the famous Eye of Providence, the all-seeing eye like Sauron from Lord of the Rings or a mother's when you don't eat all the vegetables.

But without a doubt the most impressive Masonic element is found right in the center of the Passion Gate You will be able to see the Masonic symbol of alpha and omega (the beginning and the end) which also refers to Jesus, obviously because after his birth our era changed, that is why we count our years after his birth.

Although many of his biographies describe Gaudi As a fervent and devout Catholic, there have also been rumors that he was a Freemason, as were his patron Eusebi Güell (yes, the one from the park) and some of his well-known clients. The theory arises from some details of the Holy Family, such as the signs of the zodiac on the Passion Facade or the repetition of the figure 'X' in different parts of the Church. But none has been given as much fuss as the magic square that is seen when crossing the Passion Gate. It is a numbered grid whose 16 squares add up to the number 33 in different combinations of its rows and is reminiscent of the cryptograms used by this secret institution and the maximum degree that can be acquired in Freemasonry.

Criptograma Familia Barcelona HL Comedy Tours
Sacred Family Cryptogram Barcelona HL Comedy Tours Web Blog Masons on Free Tours

El Born: Santa María del Mar is more than a church

In our El Born HL Comedy Tour We dedicate the attention it deserves to the jewel of Catalan modernism, home of legends and filming of Netflix series: La Basilica of Santa María del Mar. If we stop in front of the main altar, we discover an unexpected detail: the FC Barcelona shieldin one of the second floor windows. An unexpected connection? Not at all. The story goes that after the damage from the Spanish Civil War, FC Barcelona made a donation for the restoration of the stained glass windows, resulting in the inclusion of their shield in a window. So you know why they say that "FC Barcelona is more than a club." They are also glaziers!

But the relationship between FC Barcelona and Freemasonry does not stop there. The club's colors, blue and scarlet, date back to the aprons used by Freemasons, where these colors symbolized master builders, a tradition that was deeply rooted in the club's history. There is even a rumored family connection between Rossend Arús and Joan Gamper, the founder of FC Barcelona, which could explain the historical connection between Freemasonry and the club. Now we are beginning to understand that the history of Masonic Barcelona goes back a long time.

Revelando los Misterios de la Barcelona Masónica FC Barcelona Barça Catedral del Mar Basílica Santa Maria del Mar HL Comedy Tours
Barça shield located on the left wing of the central stained glass apse below.

El Raval: Santa Maria del Pi and Portaferrisa as home for parishioners to meetings in the Masonic Barcelona

Barcelona hides treasures around every corner, and some of them are revealed on our El Raval HL Comedy Tour. Taking Petrixol street, we head towards the nearby church of Santa María del Pi. On this journey, we will be surprised by the presence of an impressive rose window and, next to the main entrance, a lapidary slab with inscriptions related to the legendary architect Bartomeu Mas. In addition to these details, we find surprising carved instruments. A compass, a hammer and a meticulously drawn circumference, elements that, although they coincide with Masonic symbology, also represent the union mark of stonemasons and architects. This church is a living testimony of the intersection between the Masonic history of Barcelona and its symbols.

As we explore more, right in front is one of the most authentic and beautiful streets in Barcelona: Calle Portaferrisa 11 becomes our next point of interest. This building, now converted into a hostel, welcomes us with a profusion of Masonic symbols. The marked elements on its façade, visible, but enigmatic for many, suggest that it was an important meeting center for the Masonic community in Barcelona. On the door frieze, two children hold a triangle on bricks. One of them wields two rulers, while the other holds a piece of wool and a compass. These symbols, although enigmatic for many, represent the purity and work of those dedicated to the construction. It is a tribute to the construction of knowledge and universal wisdom.

These are just a few destinations that reveal the rich Masonic history of Barcelona. The city is full of hidden symbols and mysteries, and every corner holds a fascinating story about the presence of Freemasonry in its streets. Dare to explore these secrets with our free tour for Barcelona. Leave us your comments and get ready for more historical laughs in the next HL Comedy Tours blog

Those who do not know its history are doomed to enjoy it!


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