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Those who do not know its history are doomed to enjoy it.

Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

What will Marilyn Monroe have to do with the father of sardanas? And a weather vane rooster with a murder on Christmas Eve?

These are some of the stories and legends that Sant Cugat hides. Rediscover its forgotten past with the Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour. Enjoy a unique format in a new concept of free walking tour! The most shocking stories and legends with a high dose of comedy. Rediscover Sant Cugat!

Book now and rediscover Sant Cugat del Vallés from a new perspective!

Some of the stops on the Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Monasterio Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Sant Cugat Monastery

Plaça Sant Pere Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Sant Pere Square

Casa Museu Cal Gerrer Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Casa Museu Cal Gerrer

Celler Modernista Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Celler Modernista

Plaça de Barcelona Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Plaça de Barcelona

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Historical Sources

History has taught us to be skeptical. Value us not for what we tell you, but for what others say about us.

benen fahy
benen fahy
October 31, 2023.
Enthusiastic and entertaining. Isaac was a great guide
Graciela R. Matos
Graciela R. Matos
October 30, 2023.
My mother and I loved Isaac's Tour! We had a great time, I especially looked for a tour that could help you process the information and without expectations. But the truth is that I was surprised to know that we had a good time, there were some jokes we didn't know since we are not from Spain, but in general the good energy that the guide transmits made us happy throughout the tour and we felt it was short !! I will really choose more tours of this format! Thank you so much 😀
Isabel Oliveras
Isabel Oliveras
October 30, 2023.
A matí molt profitós. Isaac's explanations will be fantastic, with a touch of humor and a sense of being professional. Apassionat amb la seva feina. Thank you
October 29, 2023.
Fantastic Sant Cugat tour! Thank you for the experience.
Harsh Kulkarni
Harsh Kulkarni
October 29, 2023.
We had a great walking tour of the Gothic quarter with Charlie. A lot of entertainment, great stories and anecdotes and quite some stuff that we would have usually never found out or seen by ourselves, which is what I would want from a tour such as this. What made it awesome was having a stand up comic such as Charlie be our tour guide, which differentiates this tour from the rest. He was funny and silly but also knowledgeable and helpful... all signs of a thriving Netflix career about to happen!
Catarina Silva
Catarina Silva
October 28, 2023.
I did the goth tour with Charlie and it was absolutely everything I wanted! I dare to say It was legendary! Charlie is a natural comedian and an incredible storyteller! I laughed so hard and learned so many cool things! You will not only love the tour but you will love the guy! If you're in Barcelona, ​​​​this is definitely a must-do!!!
Evelyn Baez García
Evelyn Baez Garcia
October 28, 2023.
The tour with Isaac was very complete and fun.
Amelie W
Amelie W
October 27, 2023.
The best comedy tour in the universe! PS: Charly is the funniest comedian I met
Marta Hernández
Martha Hernandez
October 26, 2023.
We had a great time with Isaac! He is an artist and has an outlet for everything, in addition to knowing everything about the city of Barcelona.
llama Li
Call Li
October 23, 2023.
The 2 hours tour passed amazingly fast and we had a great laugh. Our guide Issac was super funny and cheerful, telling interesting stories and hidden facts maybe only Catalan people would know. Highly recommended when visiting the gothic quarter.

Why us?


unique format: History&comedy

duration 2 hours approx

tour for all ages

recommended by Guruwalk


How can I book the tour that interests me?

It's very simple! Click on the "Book here" button and enter our reservation platform, just look at the available times that best suit you. Don't forget to check that it is in your language!

How can I contact with the tour guide?

You have all the contact details of the guide in your reservation. However, you can write to our general email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What is the duration of the tour?

The tour lasts approximately two hours. We put the label "approximately" because it is not exact. We always take a break but it all depends on the pace of the walkers. Of course, we guarantee that those two hours will go by quickly!

What capacity does the tour have?

We flee from the mass model of the large freetour companies. Our groups have a maximum of 20 walkers, so we offer a personalized experience adapted to the needs of each city. It is also the number from which the best user experience is guaranteed for whoever books it, that is, you!

How much does a free tour cost?

The name says it, it's free! Just kidding, at this point in life you already know that nothing is free. Our guides work hard and have to live off your tips. So we always recommend a contribution of €10 per person.