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Those who do not know its history are doomed to enjoy it.

Free Tour The Gothic
HL Comedy Tour 

Discover the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona from the hand of a local comedian! Since the arrival of Columbus, the executioner's house, or the tragic past of the Jewish quarter. These legends and many more resonate within its walls. What are you waiting for! Learn about the most impressive stories and legends of the Gothic Quarter.

¡Known the Gothic, make your reservation!

Some of the tour stops The Gothic in Barcelona

Plaça Garriga Bachs El Gótico Tour

Garriga i Bachs Square

Catedral Barcelona El Gótico

Cathedral of Barcelona

Plaça del Rei El Gótico HL Comedy Tour

King's Square

Plaça Sant Felip Neri El Gótico HL Comedy Tour

Sant Felip Neri Square

Sagrada Familia Free Tour
HL Comedy Tour

Did you think that the Sagrada Familia was only the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism? 

Discover Barcelona's Sagrada Familia with a crazy comedian with the tour  sacred Family
HL Comedy Tour

Some of the tour stops Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Walking Tour Sagrada Familia Fachada del Nacimiento

Nativity facade

Walking Tour Sagrada Familia Plaza de la Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Square

Walking Tour Sagrada Familia Fachada de la Pasión

Passion facade

Walking Tour Sagrada Familia Plaza de Gaudí

Gaudi Square 

Free Tour El Born HL Comedy Tour

Discover Born with a local comedian with our free walking tour El Born HL Comedy Tour ! The fascinating Cathedral of the Sea, the ancient medieval jousts, the route of the damned or the tragic past of the Palau de la Música... 

How can it not be fascinating he Born once you know its most mysterious and shocking legends?

¡ Get to know Born, make your reservation!

Some of the tour stops El Born in Barcelona

Catedral Barcelona Walking Tour El Born

Cathedral of Barcelona

Walking Tour El Born Palau de la Música

Palau de la Música

Walking Tour El Born Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf

Fossar de les Moreres EL Born Free Tour

Fossar de les Moreres

Free Tour El Raval HL Comedy Tour

¡Discover el Raval of Barcelona with the tour  El Raval HL Comedy Tour! From From the  house of the orphansor the darker and less soccer legend of the Canaletas fountain.  Thousands of tourists and residents pass by every day, but they don't even realize the wealth it holds.

What are you waiting for! Learn about the most impressive stories and legends of Barcelona's most international neighborhood in a different way and with  comedy. 

Get to know the Raval, make your reservation!

Barcelona el Raval HL Comedy Tour

Some of the tour stops The Raval in Barcelona

El Liceu Raval HL Comedy Tour

The Liceu

Santa Maria del Pi Raval HL Comedy Tour

Santa Maria del Pi

Paseo de las Ramblas El Raval HL Comedy Tour

The Ramblas

Hospital de la Santa Creu Raval HL Comedy Tour

Santa Creu Hospital

Free Tour Sant Cugat
HL Comedy Tour

The founding of the monastery, the murder on Christmas Day or the legend of Sant Medir. These are some of the stories and legends that Sant Cugat del Vallés hides. Rediscover his forgotten past with the help of a local comedian. Enjoy a unique format in a new concept of free walking tour! The most shocking stories and legends with high doses of comedy. Rediscover Sant Cugat!

Book now and rediscovery Sant Cugat del Vallés from a new perspective!

Some of the tour stops Sant Cugat in Barcelona

Monasterio Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Sant Cugat Monastery

Plaça Sant Pere Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Sant Pere Square

Casa Museu Cal Gerrer Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Casa Museu Cal Gerrer

Celler Modernista Sant Cugat HL Comedy Tour

Celler Modernista

Historical Sources

History has taught us to be skeptical. Value us not for what we tell you, but for what others say about us.

João Adónis
João Adónis
February 12, 2024.
Congratulations on the tour. It was a very good experience. Sarita was incredible with her stories and legends. Congratulations on the work you did.
February 12, 2024.
A different, original and very fun visit. Thanks Charlie. 100% recommended
kat S E.
kat S E.
February 11, 2024.
We went with Charlie... everything was great, easy to get to, good stories and jokes and above all we saw places that without the tour we would never have seen Excellent, thank you
Francisca Maria Perez
Francisca Maria Perez
February 11, 2024.
We loved the tour! Charlie explained everything very well and it was fun. We had passed through the Gothic neighborhood many times and knew practically nothing about its history. We recommend 100%.
Mjcabrera Cabrera
Mjcabrera Cabrera
February 11, 2024.
It was very fun, enjoyable and the time flew by, lovely Charly, we threatened to come back!!!!
Oscar Moreno Collado
Oscar Moreno Collado
February 11, 2024.
Charlie, our guide, I don't know if he's a better guide, or a comedian... A 10 in both parts! Great experience, we will repeat for sure!
Elitapi 231
Elitapi 231
February 10, 2024.
I was walking through the Gothic Quarter, I saw Isaac giving the tour and I was immediately hooked, the next day I went and it was totally worth it; Isaac, very passionate, fun, charismatic, waited for us despite arriving late. 110% recommended, the best tour in the universe, olé!!!
Diego Anguiano
Diego Anguiano
February 9, 2024.
Very fun and interesting, the guide Isaac gives a great tour that made us have an incredible time
Arturo Nieto Miranda
Arturo Nieto Miranda
February 9, 2024.
Our guide was Charlie and he makes the tour very fun, he brings all the enthusiasm he can and also tells you the myths and legends of the area. I recommend taking the tour if you want to have a different time than the history-only tours.

Why us?


unique format: History&comedy

duration 2 hours approx

tour for all ages

recommended by Guruwalk


How can I book the tour that interests me?

It's very simple! Click on the "Book here" button and enter our reservation platform, just look at the available times that best suit you. Don't forget to check that it is in your language!

How can I contact with the tour guide?

You have all the contact details of the guide in your reservation. However, you can write to our general email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What is the duration of the tour?

The tour lasts approximately two hours. We put the label "approximately" because it is not exact. We always take a break but it all depends on the pace of the walkers. Of course, we guarantee Those two hours will go by pretty fast!

What capacity does the tour have?

We flee from the mass model of the big freetour companies. Our groups are a maximum of 20 walkers, which is the most appropriate number for the narrow streets of the Gothic. It is also the number from which guarantees the best user experience for those who reserve it, that is, you!

How much does a free tour cost?

The name says it, it's free! Just kidding, at this point in life you already know that nothing is free. Our guides work hard and have to live on your tips. So we always recommend a contribution €10 per person.