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With the arrival of good weather, there is nothing more exciting than making the first plans to welcome spring. We say goodbye to winter and give way to the terraces, the longer days and of course, to the heat that is already beginning to appear through the window. It is the perfect time to discover a new city and here we have prepared a selection of plans to visit in Barcelona during spring. 

The charm of Barcelona in spring 

Barcelona has a special charm at every time of the year, but one of our favorites is spring. It's not too hot and you can walk around the city wonderfully. In addition, the trees and plants begin to bloom and fill the streets with colors. It is a more than right time for discover new corners in Barcelona and there are usually not as many tourists as in summer, in May the high season begins and it is more difficult to walk calmly through the center. 

If the temperature allows it, it is also an ideal time to start walking along the beach and rediscover the coast of Barcelona. The first brave ones are already encouraged to sunbathe and even get into the water, we just put our feet in, we will be content for the moment. 

Plans to do in spring in Barcelona 

Sagrada Familia in spring | Barcelona

If you don't want to miss anything in your Trip to Barcelona and you want to enjoy the good weather season to the fullest, you have to write down these plans. Fun will be guaranteed and you will discover the city like a real local, so let's go with it: 

Have a picnic on a beach in Barcelona 

Swimsuit and beach season is coming, so nothing better than a picnic in the sun to welcome spring. We recommend you go to Bogatell beach, Barceloneta or Mar Bella, they are close to the city and you will surely find the perfect corner to disconnect. 

You will only have to bring your favorite snacks and a towel to put on the sand. You can do it alone and bring a good book or prepare a date with someone special. The sound of the sea will be the best soundtrack for your day! 

Discover Barcelona with a Free Walking Tour

The Free Tours They are fashionable, they are a fun way to discover a city and learn more details about the history hidden in its most emblematic places. In addition, the good weather will be a great companion to discover the city without the heat playing tricks on you. 

In History & Legends Comedy Tours We make it easy for you, we have several tours around the Barcelona area so that discover the city with a local comedian. There is nothing better than a session of laughter therapy, history and tourism to start the season, right? We are already waiting for you! 

Walk through Park Güell 

He Park Guell conquers at any time of the year, but in spring it will leave you breathless. The vegetation sprouts and shines, leaving a unique essence in the place. In addition, you will find fewer people than in other times, especially if you go outside of rush hour. It will conquer you from minute one! 

Pay a visit to the Sagrada Familia 

One has never visited the sacred Family. The atmosphere inside changes depending on the time of day you enter thanks to the colorful windows that bathe the architecture in a subtle and delicate way. 

We recommend you enter and admire all its beauty. Afterwards, you can walk through the park in front of you, the views are exquisite and the vegetation will be your best companion for this great plan. 

Go to a music festival 

In spring the music festival season begins, look for a concert or festival that you would like to attend and start warming up for the summer. Good weather, a little rhythm and your best choreographies will be the plan of the season. Some of the best known festivals are Primavera Sound, which this year arrives on June 1st in Barcelona or Share Festivel, with artists like Bizarrap, Quevedo or Dellafuente. 

Live Sant Jordi like a real local 

On April 23 of each year, Barcelona is filled with roses to celebrate the Sant Jordi's Day, one of the most romantic days of the year and a unique opportunity to experience the culture of the place like never before. Couples and families do not hesitate to go for a walk, buy the occasional discounted book and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. 

museum night 

We finish with a little culture with the Night of the Museums, is celebrated on May 14 and several museums and cultural places open their doors from 7 in the afternoon until 1 in the morning. A different plan to enjoy art with a new approach, in addition, it is common to find workshops, exhibitions or activities specials to enjoy the day of culture in the city. 

Whether you are more into museums, music festivals or sightseeing around the city, these plans are going to be more than successful to make the most of spring in Barcelona. You can combine several of them and you will surely end up repeating some during these hot months. In History & Legends Comedy Tours we are waiting for you to tell you all the curiosities of Barcelona, with a lot of humor and with spring as the best companion.


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