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We are not going to talk about beaches, rooftops or terraces. If you are reading this, you are one of those "weirdos" who are looking for a plan different from the conventional, so congratulations, get ready to spend a different summer in Barcelona! We bring you 5 different plans for this summer that will combine fun, culture and, of course, a lot of humorYou can't miss them! Let's start our engines.

A city has no cultural level without its own 'Shakespeare in the Park'.'

Get ready to laugh out loud this summer in Barcelona! We start these 5 different plans for this summer with one of the unmissable summer theater events is back: the performances of the company Shakespeare Parking in the Estació del Nord park! This company always surprises us with their unique and funny interpretations, and this year is no exception.

They have selected one of the English playwright's most iconic plays to make you die laughing: Richard III This tragedy of the famous monarch will have you completely in suspense this summer. Don't worry about the price of the ticket because the show will be totally free! Instead of free tour barcelona it should be called free theatre barcelona. Yes, you heard right, free for all audiences!

Imagine yourself enjoying this hilarious play outdoors, surrounded by laughter and good atmosphere. Besides, the schedule is perfect for everyone: every day at 7 pm, except Wednesdays. No matter if you are a theater lover or just looking for a fun time, this show is for you, and if it's with a beer in your hand, even better! As Shakspeare himself used to say:

Two beers or not two beers, that is the question!

Get away from tourism and enjoy authentic neighborhood festivals: the festivals of Gràcia and Sants.

Did you know that in some places in Barcelona you can still breathe tradition and village atmosphere? It is undoubtedly the most local of the 5 different plans for this summer that we propose. A great example is the awaited festivals of the Gràcia and Sants neighborhoods. It's like an oasis of fun in the heat!

These festivities are especially exciting because, no matter if you are a purebred "gracienc" or a curious outsider, the magic of the festivities will envelop you as if it were a welcoming embrace. Rest assured that if it doesn't envelop you it will leave you deaf with the noise of the "batucada" or blind with the "correfocs"!

And in the evenings, the irresistible aroma of food will guide you to the most delicious corners of the neighborhoods. Enjoy an open-air dinner at a local restaurant or feast on the botifarrada, a street food that awaits you on every corner - it's like a culinary tour of Barcelona full of surprises for your taste buds!

So, now you know, this summer in Barcelona there are no excuses to get bored. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the parties, get carried away by the festive atmosphere and enjoy the true essence of the city, I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience!

Dalí with metaverse, flamenco in Casa Batlló or immersive Banksy: a different cultural offering

Did you know that in Barcelona, the cultural offer in summer is as extensive as the list of Catalan surnames? And museums are not far behind! So if you feel like sniffing around any exhibition, get ready for a summer full of options that will leave you open-mouthed.

At the IDEAL (Centre d'Arts Digitals),you can take a closer look at the incredible exhibition «Dali Cybernetic».

Welcome to the amazing and surreal world of Dalí, where art and technology merge in an interdimensional journey worthy of a dream of the painter from Figueras himself! Get ready to dive into the most extravagant metaverse and discover how Salvador Dalí's genius goes beyond imagination.

Imagine coming face to face with his most renowned works, but in a completely new and exciting way. Large-format projections will immerse you in his poetic and dreamlike universe. But that's not all, get ready to interact with out-of-this-world installations, logic-defying holograms, virtual reality that will make you question reality and artificial intelligence that will seem to have a life of its own! Who knows, you may discover that your thoughts have a surrealistic style worthy of Dali.

Now, if you're more into music and champagne, the Magic Nights of Casa Batlló are back and they come loaded with fun and live music! Get ready to enjoy the 11th edition of this epic event, where good music, breathtaking views and an outdoor drink come together on the terrace of one of the coolest buildings in Barcelona.

Imagine this: you are on the terrace of Casa Batlló, admiring the panoramic views of Barcelona while swaying to the rhythm of different musical styles. From pop to rock, jazz, blues and even flamenco, here you will find music for all tastes! And best of all, you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you soak up the magical atmosphere of this iconic venue.

Now, let's talk about the tickets. If you are a blue adventurer, the regular ticket is perfect for you. It includes a free visit to Casa Batlló, where you can explore all its fascinating corners. But that's not all, you'll also receive a Smartguide with augmented reality in 11 languages - yes, you heard right! You will be able to immerse yourself in a unique experience while you discover the secrets of this magical place in your favorite language.

And finally the highlight: Attention, lovers of urban art and unsolved mysteries! ¡Trafalgar Space brings you an experience that will leave you open-mouthed! After the resounding success of the exhibition The World of Banksy, this place has been transformed into a permanent museum dedicated to the genius of street art.

In this immersive experience, you will be immersed in the wit, social critique and unmistakable style of Banksy. Each work is an explosion of creativity that will make you reflect and admire his genius. And who knows, you may find some hidden clue to the true identity of the enigmatic artist.

So now you know, this summer in Barcelona, culture awaits you with open arms. Explore amazing exhibitions inside the museums and then get outside and put it all into practice with one of our free walking tours by Barcelona with HL Comedy Tours. We add one more to the 5 different plans for this summer!

Barcelona se convierte en la ciudad perfecta para pasar un verano inolvidable. Desde reír a carcajadas con Parking Shakespeare o sumergirse en la magia de las fiestas de los barrios y disfrutar de exposiciones surrealistas. ¡Descúbrelo todo en este artículo!

Outdoor cinema in Montjüic

Hold on to your seat because we bring you a cinematic plan for this summer in Barcelona that will suit you better than an Oscar to Matthew McConaughey! Prepare the popcorn and the soft drink, because Cinema +Summer + Barcelona is the perfect combination for a tremendous plan this summer.

You know, the multiplexes are always there, ready to welcome you when you want to enjoy a good movie. But in summer, the city of Barcelona becomes the ideal setting to enjoy an open-air cinema - it's like having a big screen in the starry sky!

In Barcelona, you can't miss the most awaited season of 'a la fresca' or open-air cinema that is back! Montjuïc Room returns with his unique style and a loyal audience that never misses a single screening in the emblematic pits of the Montjuïc Castle (XXI century pits with lawn and seats).

Get ready to enjoy live music that will put you in the perfect mood, short films and movies from all corners of the world. The billboard of this special cinema will fill your summer nights with laughter, emotions and endless adventures. And don't forget that Sala Montjuïc is not just a cinema, it's a magical place where meetings and social gatherings take place in a very pleasant atmosphere.

But if you are an independent moviegoer, then the series Cinema Lliure a la Platja Imagine watching cult films under the moonlight and feeling the sea breeze caressing your face! The beach of Sant Sebastià becomes your favorite screening room, and the perfect setting to experience unique cinematic emotions.

And so, with these fun and varied plans, Barcelona becomes the perfect city to spend an unforgettable summer. With these 5 different plans for this summer you will b Shakespeare Parking in the park, immerse yourself in the magic of the festivities of Gràcia and Sants, enjoy the surrealist exhibitions in IDEAL and even explore the Banksy street artBarcelona free mode! Well, some plans are not free, but if you make a Barcelona tour with us it will be! So get ready to live unique experiences this summer 2023. We've got you covered!


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